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endorses the WorkingRemotelyPOPTM

WorkingRemotelyPOP™ (Working Remotely Predictor Of Potential), is a statistically reliable tool, that predicts with up to 99.5% statistical probability, and offers objective data relative to the core traits of employees that make them best-suited for remote work, or not.

The WorkingRemotely Product Suite Includes:

Individual Assessment Report

Provides a predictive snapshot of an individual team member’s Remote Work Suitability.

Comprehensive Management Interpretation Guide

(Written and Video)
Provides each manager with the strengths-based coaching needs of each team member.


Provides an aggregate of all your team’s/organization’s assessment data for predictive insights to support organizational decision-making.

1. WorkingRemotelyPOPTM Individual Assessment

 Not all people will be successful in a remote work environment; we can identify which ones are most likely to be successful doing remote work, and which ones won’t.

Working RemotelyPOP™ Measures the overall ability to
Work Remotely and includes the following:


  • Need for Structure
  • Self-Management
  • Learning Agility
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience


  • Self-Confidence
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Stress Factors


  • Remote Location Set Up
  • Digital Competency
  • Previous Experience in Remote Work


The traffic light graphic sums up all of the elements of this profile and delivers succinct advice about using this individual in a work-from-home situation

2. Comprehensive Management Interpretation Guide

It’s one thing to know assessment results of an employee; it’s another to know how to manage them. Our Management Interpretation Guide gives you coaching tips on managing your employees to their strengths.

Managers and individuals can derive significant benefit from deepening their awareness of strengths in personality dimensions beyond the basics presented in the Predictive Snapshot. We’ll show you how to target your coaching based on these traits:

3. Understand Your Team's Ability to Work Remotely.

Aggregated employee data from the WorkingRemotelyPOP™ creates a quantified analytics report that gives you clear insights and actionable intelligence to ensure high-performance of individuals, as a team and as an organization.

WorkingRemotely TalentAnalytics provides an aggregate of all your team’s/organization’s assessment data for predictive insights to support organizational decision-making. We combine three data-driven views of your team as a whole to show where they lie in terms of Team Digital Competency,

Team Background Results
Team Remote Setup Results
Team Attitude Results
Team Digital Competency

(Sorted by Outlook – Column G)

The resulting green/yellow/red snapshots of your
WorkingRemotely TeamAnalytics helps answer:

• What support methods will help employees better manage stress and reduce burnout?

• How do we support a work-life balance that inspires improved engagement and productivity?

• Who is suitable for remote work and who needs more support?

• How do we best manage, train and coach each person?

• Whose stress levels require immediate attention?

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