Who We Are


We provide companies with superior solutions for the entire talent management lifecycle, from pre-hire selection to post-hire development to career transition—using predictive tools and processes, leading to reduced employee turnover and successful performance.

Our core values are Character, Competence, and Collaboration

Character: We always follow through on our commitments. 
Competence: We expect continuous improvement from ourselves and our network of providers. 
Collaboration: We value relationships with our clients and network, and work hard to find the solution that provides everyone with a desirable outcome.

Our goal is to enable both employers and employees to make the right choices, objectively, culminating in cultural harmony. 

We are the exclusive U.S. partner for Self Management Group’s Predictor of Potential™ (POP™) solutions. The POP™ system leverages over 25 million data points along with key insights from organizational psychologists and statisticians to provide reliable, validated assessments and talent management tools.

Organizations that use our validated POP™ assessments reduce hiring costs and improve performance. Finding the natural fit is the result of matching people to the ideal opportunities where they can thrive instead of taking a hit or miss approach which can be extensive, costly, and detrimental to organizational operations.

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