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Our team envisions a world where human potential is fully realized, and organizations achieve their most exciting and transformative goals as a result. Together, we are optimizing the workforce by enabling data-driven talent decisions—using the world’s most reliable system for predicting and maximizing the performance of every employee.


and Principal

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Jane is a serial entrepreneur who has spent more than 30 years working with CEOs and Business Owners on talent selection and people development in a wide array of industries. She has served clients all over the globe, such as Ritz Carlton Hotels, Coca Cola, Michelin, NA, Weight Watchers International, Toyo Tires, the  Archdiocese of New York and Horizon Media. 

A disciple of the Principles of Self-management she understands both from her own hiring experience in working with Fortune 1000 hiring managers and company leaders that selecting the “right” superior performers and developing them throughout the talent lifecycle is both difficult and necessary to grow successfully. Having worked under the tutelage of some of the greatest Leadership minds, such as Dr. Stephen Covey and Dr. John Marshall, she is passionate about helping companies hire and train self-managed employees. 

As a consultant, she believes in relying on both statistical science and a strong intuition. She has an uncanny way of “hearing” telling information that most people disregard, which is why she has become a trusted business partner  to her client firms. Jane holds a BA from the State University of New York.  She and her husband, Douglas, live in lovely downtown Greenville, SC. They have two sons and two grandsons. 


Chief Revenue Officer
and Principal

Smart Work | Assessments

Craig Lowder, author of Smooth Selling ForeverSM, is a sales-effectiveness expert with a thirty-year track record of helping owners of small and mid-size companies achieve their sales goals. He is the president of MainSpring Sales Group, which assists businesses in need of a strategic sales leader on a part-time contract or project basis to develop and execute a sales strategy, develop sales process and performance management systems, and ensure sales execution. Lowder has worked with over fifty companies and increased first-year annual sales from 22 to 142 percent. He has worked for three Fortune 100 companies: Monsanto, Lucent, and CenturyLink. 

He speaks extensively on the topics “Smooth Selling Forever” and “Your Sales Should Run Like Clockwork” for many groups and associations. Groups include Vistage International, the world’s largest CEO peer-to-peer association, and the Turnaround Management Association (TMA). Craig has also been featured at Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) group events.

Claire F.

Chief Learning Officer
and Principal
Smart Work | Assessments

Claire has managed hundreds of projects, including a $30 million business reengineering project and a 1½-year, $60 million process improvement/cost-reduction initiative. She served as Director of Knowledge Management in the largest US consumer credit reporting company and again in the world’s largest relocation and storage company.

Recently, Claire led a virtual ecommerce project with team members in four states and India. Her extensive experience and approach ensure clients receive solutions that work in real-life, not just on paper. She has twice been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a South Carolina state award winner, and once as a southeastern regional winner. The South Carolina Business and Professional Women (BPW) named her South Carolina’s Career Woman of the Year. Claire has a bachelor’s degree from Furman University and a graduate degree in Education from The University of South Carolina.

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