Understand Your Team's Ability to Work Remotely.

Aggregated employee data from the WorkingRemotelyPOP™ creates a quantified analytics report that gives you clear insights and actionable intelligence to ensure high-performance of individuals, as a team and as an organization.

WorkingRemotely TalentAnalytics provides an aggregate of all your team’s/organization’s assessment data for predictive insights to support organizational decision-making. We combine three data-driven views of your team as a whole to show where they lie in terms of Team Digital Competency,

Team Background Results
Team Remote Setup Results
Team Attitude Results
Team Digital Competency

(Sorted by Outlook – Column G)

The resulting green/yellow/red snapshots of your
WorkingRemotely TeamAnalytics helps answer:

• What support methods will help employees better manage stress and reduce burnout?

• How do we support a work-life balance that inspires improved engagement and productivity?

• Who is suitable for remote work and who needs more support?

• How do we best manage, train and coach each person?

• Whose stress levels require immediate attention?

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